We Capture Retail

Superior technology, for superior results

At Trax, we’ve created breakthrough technology that is pioneering image recognition and analytics in retail. Our advanced computer vision algorithms were specially designed with the consumer goods market in mind.

Technology as easy as 1,2,3


Take a picture of the store shelf

Trax holds a 96%+ accuracy standard.


The picture is sent to our Trax cloud for analysis

A full shelf analysis is provided within minutes in the store.


Mobile and Web Reports Available

The sales rep is provided with actionable mobile reports for immediate corrective action in the store and same-day web reports are made available to management teams online.

Why Trax is the technology leader in this space

Trax has designed and developed the most advanced fine-grained image recognition algorithms for the retail industry. Our proprietary technology can automatically recognize any product at a brand, sub-brand and SKU level.

With Trax technology:

  • Recognize multiple, nearly identical products
  • Overcome reflective and obscure packaging
  • Identify empty spaces
  • Accommodate poor image taking conditions and partially obstructed products.

Our technology makes complex image analysis simple for you.

We are a multi-platform solution supporting iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. We also leverage Amazon Web Services for speed, scalability and security in supporting hundreds of servers across the globe.

Take the Trax Test

How many SKUs do you see on shelf?

There are two SKUs! These 3 are actually 600ml, not 450ml like the rest.

How many unique products facings do you see on the shelf?

There are 29 unique product facings on the shelf

How many product facings does ‘Jacobs’ have on the shelf?

Jacobs has 36 facings on the shelf, although 6 need to be restocked.

How much Share Of Shelf does ‘Dutch Lady’ have?

Dutch Lady's share of shelf is 37%

Can you spot the planogram error?

The 2L bottle has been placed next to the 5L products.

“Using image recognition to spot opportunities and quickly address them is what makes the evolution from taking notes and measurements by hand at the shelf to capturing images digitally a game changer.”*

Trax achieves ‘Best’ Category assesment Gartner 2014 Digital Business Report