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Every day we help CPG manufacturers and retailers in over 45 countries around the world, identify performance gaps and increase revenue opportunities at all points of sale, in all retail channels.

With Trax Solutions you can gain an accurate, consistent and reliable view of your marketplace. So whether you are a manufacturer looking to optimize your in-store execution or to better understand your competitive landscape, or you are a retail solution provider looking to enrich your technology or service offering, we have the right solution for you.

“Having visibility into conditions at the retail shelf is not new, but using digital image recognition and advanced analytics to spot opportunities and quickly address them is what makes the evolution from taking notes and measurements by hand at the shelf to capturing images digitally a game changer.”*

*Gartner, “Image Recognition: The Intersection of Digital Business and Analytics at the Store Shelf” Dale Hagemeyer, 12 Aug 2014

Mobile reports at your fingertips

Our real-time mobile insights are truly actionable as they report on critical in-store measurements like availability, shelf share, pricing, planogram compliance and more.

Web reports for management teams

With our web reports, management level summaries are available at aggregate and store levels. What’s more, our reports can be easily integrated into your in-house ERP, CRM, data warehouses, business analytics tools –essentially any system you’ve got running your business.

Insights for all retail channels

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Traditional Trade

Increase your visibility

As the focus in retail shifts to emerging markets and new revenue opportunities, brands are challenged by the complexity of measuring, visualizing and managing traditional trade channels.

Trax can help provide an accurate view of your distribution, out of stock, compliance and other critical measurements with real-time, store-level images and analysis for all your traditional trade outlets.

Modern Trade

Increase compliance and control

In developed markets, the majority of sales revenue for brands comes from modern trade channels. As such, commercial agreements and category planograms are in place with retailers to ensure their products are placed against specific shelf standards and maintain a level of on-shelf presence and shelf share.

Monitoring and ensuring this level of compliance remains a critical challenge as it is rarely measured or corrected. With Trax, you receive store-level reports on your compliance, enabling your sales force to effectively monitor and improve your in-store performance.

Cooler Solutions

Automated audit solution for coolers

Coolers offer outstanding retail opportunities, yet pose a unique set of challenges. While they often provide exclusive retail real estate, they are spread out throughout stores and at millions of points of sale, making real-time measurement and control difficult and time-consuming.

Trax Smart Cooler is a patent pending, real-time audit solution with fixed cameras to continuously measure cooler stock and compliance levels. The solution offers real-time insights out of shelf and out of stock trends, re-stocking cycles, merchandising performance and more… without an actual visit to the store.

Food & Beverage (HoReCa)

Monitor hotels, restaurants, cafes & bars

Apart from standard retail channels, many brands sell their products in hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast food chains and bars. The challenge is tracking the promotional presence and compliance in these channels.

With Trax, quickly and easily track shelf share, brand compliance and promotional activities at critical activation points like board menus, cash area, bar area, table tops, outlet entrance, outdoor and more.

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