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Trax Retail Compass:
unlock your growth levers with predictive analytics

Trax Retail Compass is a unique data science solution that unlocks growth levers for consumer goods companies and retailers by integrating shelf insights powered by our advanced image recognition platform, with sales data.

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How it works

We capture pan-category shelf execution metrics through various solutions, and combine this with your sales data.

Our data scientists apply advanced analytics to perform robust data correlation and pattern analysis.

The outputs of our research provides you actionable insights and specific recommendations to win at the shelf.

Uncover your shelf opportunities

Trax couples our team of expert data scientists and proprietary deep learning algorithms to deliver regression analysis with speed, scale and accuracy. The result is a scientific measurement of your shelf dynamics that reveals powerful insights and recommendations directly impacting sales growth.

Retail data science designed for transparency

At Trax, our prescriptive research solutions are developed in close collaboration with you, so that our recommendations are aligned with your unique business goals. Unlike “black-box” analytics, we derive accurate and meaningful data correlations based on transparent shelf insights.

Go from insights to recommendations

Leverage our expertise to get precise answers through the following advanced research:

  • Sales Driver Analysis
    Understand your in-store levers to driving growth by mapping the relationship between shelf execution metrics and sales.
  • In-store Execution Analysis
    Measure store audit effectiveness across retail channels and categories and get recommendations to drive sales results in each store.
  • Price and Promotions
    Ascertain price and promotional behaviour over time, study the impact of competitor strategies, and predict which tactics resonate best with your shoppers.
  • New Product Launch
    Monitor, accelerate and evaluate your new product launches and measure their impact on the overall category.

Our difference is your advantage

Leaders in Computer Vision Solutions for Retail

Our breakthrough image recognition algorithms and deep learning platform leverages robust shelf data to power our predictive analytics.

Data Science Expertise for Quantified Business Outcomes

Our data scientists have perfected unique methodologies that drives our predictive models, so that you can quantify outcomes, and forecast the future with more confidence.

Retail Currency for Improved Collaboration

Our Trax Quality Index provides manufacturers and retailers a common language to understand the impact of shelf behaviour on sales.



Retail Data Science for Consumer Businesses: Shelf Truths That Influence Sales

A leading CPG manufacturer quantified the impact of key in-store drivers on sales using data science

Overview brochure:

Trax Retail Compass: Unlock Your Growth Levers with Predictive Analytics

A unique data science solution that unlocks your growth levers through integrating shelf insights powered by our advanced image recognition platform, with your sales data

The bigger the data, the better the results
Fortunately for us, we have the world’s largest retail shelf database to ensure superior recognition refining and classification.