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Trax Retail Execution:
Improve your sales effectiveness through perfect in-store execution

Trax Retail Execution is an in-store execution solution that helps consumer goods companies win at the shelf with a comprehensive real-time view of store and field performance across all retail channels.

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How it works

The sales rep stands in front of the store shelf and takes a picture.

The pictures are sent to our Trax cloud to be analysed.

Within minutes, the sales rep gets actionable mobile reports, while management teams detailed assessments online.

Persuading shoppers with the right assortment and displays at point of purchase while ensuring constant on-shelf availability is vital for your success. Executing your strategy at every store, down to the last SKU is a challenge, especially with costly manual store audits that often don’t derive the best returns. Our breakthrough image recognition technology delivers real-time* field data for corrective actions in the store, and provides a platform for supervisor and management level insight that turns your manual tactic-based audits into a strategic execution improvement discipline.

*Reports delivered in 10-15 minutes

Trax 5P Health Check - Optimize in-store merchandizing and compliance…


Out of stock
Share of shelf


Product Location
Shelf Standards
Competitor Mapping


Planogram Compliance
Heat map


Secondary Displays
New products
Seasonal campaigns


Price compliance
Competitor prices
Promotional prices

...across all channels







Drive excellence in the field with retail activity optimization

Leverage our feature-rich mobile app to determine which stores to visit and which tasks to prioritize while in the store. Automate collection and analysis of field data, improve audit coverage and empower sales reps with in-flight analytics to drive the greatest return on every store visit.

Spot trends and react quickly to opportunities at the store level

Access data from any level from market, region, store to shelf, monitor the status and results of retail audits and retrieve role-based dashboards to identify over-performing or underperforming stores. Plot on a map to create appropriate intervention plans that drive incremental sales.

Turn strategy into shelf reality with disciplined execution improvement

Translate strategy into superior execution with a fact-based, systematic way of measuring the performance of sales teams across different customers and markets. Define and evaluate against perfect store scorecards, reward sales teams by validating execution outcomes with actual shelf images, and facilitate guided selling to drive top line growth.

Implement profitable joint business plans with transparent performance data

Improve communication and data exchange with retailers by sharing granular insights on execution and compliance – availability, assortments, space, pricing, promotions. Get on the same page with accurate shelf-level data from the shopper’s perspective to find mutually profitable opportunities across your shared supply chain.

Our difference is your advantage

Leaders in computer vision for retail

Our breakthrough image recognition algorithms and deep learning platform are purpose-built for retail.

Accuracy, Reliability & Scalability

Our proprietary Computer Vision algorithms recognize 250 million products monthly with 96%+ accuracy, with over 1 million store visits and counting.

Real-time measurement and reporting

Our granular insights on dozens of in-store execution parameters are accessed through real-time mobile reports and easy-to-share BI dashboards.

Who we do it for



Coca-Cola Hellenic

Increases audit coverage, improves sales rep efficiency and data objectivity, while reducing costs.


Coca-Cola Amatil

Increases its share of shelf in the cold drink category by leveraging Trax.

Overview Brochure:

Trax Retail Execution

Improve your sales effectiveness through perfect in-store execution

Our fine-grained recognition algorithms were specially designed with the consumer goods market in mind. As such, we can recognize any product, brand or sub-brand at SKU level to a 96%+ accuracy to deliver actionable insights in real-time.