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Trax Retail Watch:
improve your shopping experience and drive sales growth in every store

Trax Retail Watch is the single source of store analytics for retailers to get unprecedented visibility and deep insights into what’s happening in the aisles. Leverage real-time store monitoring and intelligence to perfect your store, maximize sales and delight your shoppers.

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How it works

Shelf images are taken with mobile devices, fixed cameras or robots and analyzed in the Trax cloud.

Real-time actionable insights are received by store staff on their mobile devices.

Online dashboards are available for business teams through our BI platform.

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A smarter way to manage your stores

The Trax platform is powered by image recognition technology that digitizes your shelves with speed, scale and accuracy like never before. Manage your store execution strategically by measuring key store metrics in real-time, uncovering gaps quickly, empowering teams with the right data, and implementing the right strategy in every store.

Effective Merchandizing through Compliance Tracking

Overcome out-of-stock causes like inaccurate inventory records and misplaced SKUs by tracking brand as well as private label on-shelf availability in real-time. Monitor planogram compliance with constant measurement of shelf reality versus planned schematics for each category.

Timely Price and Promotion Activation

Prevent losses arising out of incorrect or missing price tags through timely alerts on price non-compliance. Ensure placement of the right promotional displays, and availability of promoted items in high-traffic zones like endcaps.

Better Store Staff Collaboration and Productivity

Optimize store walks with mobile alerts on specific corrective actions. Access store-level scorecards that flag burning issues across the store, and keep overall store health in check by benchmarking with similar stores.

Eyes in the Store for Business Teams

Make store execution a strategically managed discipline by empowering management teams with insights on how store conditions in their regions are impacting overall sales.

Stronger Supplier Relations

Track timely and consistent execution of promotions, price changes and supplier shelf share contracts. Share valuable store level insights with manufacturers to facilitate better relationships and mutual profitability.

Greater Margins through Better Private Label Performance

Get analytics on private labels at unprecedented granularity, and better align your products with shoppers’ demands, boosting profitability.

Our difference is your advantage

Leaders in Computer Vision Solutions for Retail

Our breakthrough image recognition algorithms and deep learning platform are designed specifically for retail environments.

Unmatched Data Objectivity

Digital shelf images provide the most objective base for actionable insights in every store, unlike traditional store walks and manual audits today.

Real-time measurement and reporting

Our focus on real-time insights at high granularity enables you to monitor your store health with dozens of in-store execution parameters, and share insights across the organization packaged in intuitive role-based dashboards.



Next Gen Store Execution: Keep Your Store Relevant With Image Recognition

Analytics powered by image recognition technology enables retailers to simplify store operations and improve customer experience

Overview brochure:

Trax Retail Watch: Improve your shopping experience and drive sales growth in every store

Your single source of unprecedented store visibility. Leverage real-time store monitoring and intelligence to perfect your store, maximize category growth and delight your shoppers

“Using image recognition to spot opportunities and quickly address them is what makes the evolution from taking notes and measurements by hand at the shelf to capturing images digitally a game changer.”*

Trax achieves ‘Best’ Category assesment Gartner 2014 Digital Business Report