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Trax Smart Cooler:
real-time intelligence from any cooler, anywhere

Trax Smart Cooler is a real-time Internet of Things analytics solution that helps CPG manufacturers and retailers monitor cooler execution remotely, minimize out of stocks and maximize growth.

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How it works

Cooler-mounted cameras are activated by the opening and closing of the cooler door, and images are captured at preset intervals.

The best images without obstructions, such as a person’s hand reaching into the cooler are automatically selected.

The images are uploaded to the Trax Cloud for analysis via an in-store 3G or Wi-Fi enabled Trax terminal.

Insights and reports are accessible online to business teams and call centers and can be integrated into any CRM, ERP or custom databases.

Real-time cooler data and analytics without an actual visit to the store

Chilled products command a premium price from customers, especially those who prefer immediate consumption. To drive optimal profits, manufacturers and retailers need to keep coolers well-stocked with the right products at the right time. Trax Smart Cooler is a breakthrough solution that combines the power of image recognition and Internet of Things to give you real-time analytics on on-shelf availability, cooler compliance and more every time the cooler door is opened.

Give your teams 'Eyes into the Store' and optimize your cooler execution

Put an end to inaccurate and subjective cooler audits with a smart fridge that continuously monitors your cooler stock levels and traffic, and delivers robust insights based on actual cooler images to ensure proper execution at all retail points of sale.

Guard against competitor invasion

Get real-time alerts when a cooler’s shelf mix changes and threatens purity levels, so sales reps and store staff can set things right. Ensure contract compliance across key channels and strengthen manufacturer- retailer relationships.

Fuel maximum profits from premium venues and peak seasons

With Trax, you can monitor your cooler assets at important venues like airports and stadiums or during major events that attract high consumption and premium prices, such as the FIFA World Cup. Prevent missed sales that may arise due to distribution gaps or cooler maintenance issues.

Drive promotions and prevent coolers running empty

With Trax visibility, ensure important promotions are activated in coolers, with the right pricing. If products sell fast – like on game days, weekends and evenings, notifications prompt restocking.

Optimise retail layouts to maximize sales

Better understand and map which locations and coolers within the outlet drive maximum sales growth and ROI. Identify opportunities to increase margins by removing or adding coolers.

Our difference is your advantage

Leaders in Computer Vision Solutions for Retail

Our breakthrough image recognition algorithms and deep learning platform are designed specifically for retail environments, and automate the collection and analysis of shelf data.

Real-time and Scalable

Our reporting platform offers dynamic reporting dashboards and sends alerts on cooler issues in real-time to key people in your retail ecosystem. Our recognition engine analyses millions of images each month, allowing you to scale to as many coolers as needed

Low TCO and Ease of Use

Significantly simpler to install and easier to maintain than other internet-enabled coolers. The features can be retro-fitted to your existing cooler or embedded into factory-built models.



Internet of things: Unlocking the full value of the beverage cooler

How cutting edge store technology can help extract the maximum returns on cooler equipment investments.

Case Study:

Icy Reality of a Stockout

A leading brewer leverages Trax Smart Cooler to gain deep understanding of cooler performance, fix distribution gaps and improve margins.

Overview Brochure:

Trax Smart Cooler: Under the hood

With intraday, real-time intelligence, you can monitor cooler out-of-stock levels, purity and merchandizing compliance anytime anywhere, including premium venues or game days and special events.

Coolers represent the most crucial element in channel mix strategies of FMCG manufacturers. 1 out of every 5 new equipment that FMCG manufacturers invest in annually is a cooler. Ensure returns on these investments, the Smart way.

Source: Coca-Cola Hellenic 20-F Report