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Trax Smart Shopper:
win the mobile moment right at the store shelf

Trax Smart Shopper is a mobile application that provides consumers with real-time information on products in the grocer’s aisle.

Increase sales potential by empowering your consumers to shape their own shopping experience.

How it works

The shopper starts with their shopping list, moving between the aisles using Trax’s shelf navigation option to locate their sought after items.

Should they need to find a product, Trax Smart Shopper provides a content rich experience which can be easily filtered to the lifestyle needs of the shopper.

When the shopper comes across a particular item on their list and discovers that it’s missing on shelf, the next best recommendation pops up as a suggestion.

This recommendation is presented as a targeted offer, responding to their specific preferences and requirements, whilst maximizing the mobile moment with this customer.

Why Trax Smart Shopper

Today’s consumer is highly connected at all points of the shopper journey. This connectivity continues in the store, and getting that real-time dialogue with your customer when they are most eager to find relevant product information and recommendations bespoke to their needs, is a mobile moment that cannot be missed.


A better, more engaging shopping experience...

  • Real-time information and insights
  • Personalized discounts and rewards
  • Loyalty program integrations
  • Social media integrations
  • Location based services


A new service to develop in-store sales...

  • Bridge the gap between clicks and bricks
  • Real-time data on in-store customer journey
  • Combat showrooming
  • Increase in-store customer experience and loyalty
  • Receive store-level, category and distribution insights to develop more effective in-store strategies
  • A seamless white labelled app integration


A true path to purchase...

  • Real-time consumer engagement and direct influence on purchase decisions at the shelf
  • Real-time in-store campaign tracking
  • Understand true customer conversion path
  • Receive market, store, brand or SKU level data on distribution, out of stocks, promotions, pricing, competition and more

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We capture retail with superior technology, so you can capture retail with superior results.

According to Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council, 84% of all shoppers are using their mobile devices to help them shop while inside the store. One in three shoppers use their smart phones to find information, rather than seeking out store employees to help.