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Data Science

Trax’s unique data science offerings unlock growth levers for consumer goods companies and retailers by interpreting shelf conditions in the context of sales.

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The bigger the data, the better the results. Trax has the world’s largest retail shelf database to ensure superior quality data. With experts in machine learning, classification, cluster analysis, data mining and more, we know the right questions to ask, manipulate data sets, and drive recommendations directly impacting your sales growth.

  1. Leverage retail data science designed for transparency
  2. Prioritize your growth drivers in the store
  3. Uncover hidden shelf opportunities

How it works


We combine shelf execution metrics with your sales data


Predictive modelling using data science


Actionable insights and recommendations

Even minute changes to your product price, promotion timing or location on shelf can impact your sales. Trax Retail Compass delivers prescriptive research that analyses in-store conditions and sales to generate powerful insights that help you win the shelf moment of truth.

Research Pillars

Quantifiable Shelf Positions

Quantify the relation between sales, facings and product placement for various groups of stores

Price & Promotions

Ascertain price and promotional behaviour over time, study the impact of competitor strategies, and predict which tactics resonate best with your shoppers

Optimal Store Visits

Based on big store data, accurately predict the number of store visits needed to achieve the highest immediate impact of out-of-stock (OOS) reduction.

For added analytics, we introduce the new Shelf Blueprint by Trax and Nielsen, a predictive analytics and comprehensive planning service for the CPG industry. Now, complete your perfect store strategy with activation recommendations, macro space planning and shelf optimization designs.

Perfect Your Store

Quantify the sales impact of each store driver and rank them in terms of growth contribution and return on investment

Perfect your Shelf

Develop optimal shelf standards of right position, right assortment and right adjacency to influence your ideal shelf strategy

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